When Giving Back is an Act of Self-Care

Thrive Global recently asked readers to “write about a time you gave back to your community, and how it boosted your well-being or changed your perspective on your own life.”

When I read that prompt, the first thing that came to mind was the sentiment I’ve heard expressed literally hundreds of times by individuals who are sharing their personal stories to advocate for a cause they believe in:

“I’m telling my story … but I’m not telling it for me. This is about what my story can do for others.”

I experienced that same feeling when I advocated for Gilda’s Club Twin Cities and shared my own story of losing my sister to cancer. Yet the benefits I reaped were significant.

Here’s the piece I submitted to Thrive Global: “The Sometimes Surprising Benefits of Telling Your Story

When has giving back served as self-care for you? Email us at selfcare@livingproofadvocacy.com to let us know.