A Living Proof Advocacy workshop is not your typical speaker training.

It can’t be. Because learning to advocate with personal stories requires a unique approach that incorporates the best practices of persuasive communication, the art of storytelling and a deep understanding of what it means to go public with a personal experience. We call it the Whole Advocate™ approach because it encompasses all the power and complexity of the significant act of storytelling for advocacy.


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Our workshops are interactive, engaging, empowering, goal-focused—and tailored to meet the needs of all advocates: from first-time speakers to seasoned professionals. They incorporate discussion and exploration, developmental exercises and presentation and/or media skills practice with immediate feedback and encouragement in an inviting, safe and professional environment. All workshops and classes are led by expert coaches certified in Living Proof Advocacy™ methods and tools.


Participants learn how to find, focus, frame, craft and tell their own stories in powerful ways that enable them to make a real difference in their communities and the world.


offered yearly in central locations. One- and two-day classes cover fundamental and intermediate levels, as well as special topics. Current class schedule.


tailored to your organization's goals and your advocates' skill levels. Offered on-site, with half-, full- and multi-day options for small or large groups.


for introducing groups to the basics of story advocacy before they attend a workshop or class.

remote coaching

via phone or internet video as a follow-up to a Living Proof Advocacy workshop.