Teen advocate? 50+ advocate? We want to hear from you.


What does advocating with your personal story look like when you’re a teen? When you’re in your fifties, sixties, seventies and beyond?

Like so many others, I’ve been moved and motivated over the past months by high school students around the nation who’ve made the choice to stand up, speak out and share their lived experiences to create change, whether that change is stricter gun control, better mental health care or other important causes.

And over the past few weeks, I’ve also been inspired by the “50 over 50 List,” a roundup of Minnesotans 50+ who are doing amazing things. The list is compiled annually by AARP Minnesota and Pollen Midwest, and I can’t help notice how many of these individuals landed on the list, in part, by sharing their personal stories in order to advocate for the causes they passionately believe in.

Reflecting on generational stories and advocacy got a few of us at Living Proof Advocacy wondering: How does the experience of sharing a personal story for advocacy differ for someone 17, 30, 45 or 79? Tell us what you think: If you’re a teen advocate or someone 50+ who is telling your story to make a difference, contact us. We’re working with author Bev Bachel on an article about this topic and would love to hear your experiences and insights.

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