Announcing Coaching Certification from Living Proof Advocacy


Tim Cage and John Capecci, co-founders of Living Proof Advocacy™, are delighted to launch the Living Proof Advocacy Coaching Certification program. Developed and honed over nearly 20 years of working with thousands of advocates and hundreds of organizations, the Living Proof Advocacy methods, principles and tools are now available to coaches, trainers and instructors who want to help others tap the persuasive power of their personal stories. 

Coaching certification is ideal for

  • professional trainers who want added expertise in the area of story + advocacy
  • organizational staff who are responsible for mobilizing advocates

Certification is delivered in 2-day regional trainings led by Tim and/or John. The 2018 training is scheduled for November 17-18 in Minneapolis. Additional trainings may be offered to accommodate schedules and locations. Read more and contact us for details!