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It’s Always Something

482429_10152006000134621_569177238_nA little over five years ago, my family, friends and I were supporting my sister Gianna as she went through chemo for Stage IV ovarian cancer. In the midst of all that, I got a call from my friends at Brandspeak Communications, asking if I would contribute time to create a fundraising video for Gilda’s Club Twin Cities, a new cancer support organization here in Minneapolis/St. Paul. “This is a helluva coincidence,” I remember thinking, and I called Gianna in California to tell her about it.

Do We Practice What We Preach in “Living Proof”?


In the early pages of Living Proof, Tim and I make this important point:

Your story doesn’t have to be extraordinarily shocking to be memorable and have an impact. True, the events of one life may seem more sensational than another, but this doesn’t discount individual experience. The power of your story may not lie in its drama, but in its absolutely perfect relationship to your cause.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of valuing one kind of story over another. Did we fall into that trap in Living Proof?