Coming Soon: The New, Expanded Edition of Living Proof!

FrontCoverWe are very excited to debut a new, expanded edition of Living Proof in just a few weeks!

So what’s so “new and expanded”?

The new edition of Living Proof is still focused on the essentials: what you need to know to tell your story effectively in public (from talks to keynote speeches) and media interviews (from blogs to broadcast). At the center are “The Five Qualities of the Well-Told Advocacy Story.” And this edition follows the same general progression as the previous edition, though now it’s expanded into two parts:

  • “Part One: Preparing to Make a Difference,” explores the power of stories, recommends ways of finding, crafting, and preparing your stories, and introduces the skills needed to deliver powerful presentations and give great media interviews.
  • “Part Two: Telling Your Story,” contains two new chapters that explore barriers you may encounter as you prepare to go public, how stories act as a persuasive agent, and the role of personal storytelling in social change. Part Two also includes chapters that offer tips and tools for a variety of public speaking and interview situations.

• Two new chapters

• New advocate stories

• Expanded topics

Above all, we’re very happy to add seven new advocates’ stories to the examples you’ll find throughout the book. The insights and experiences of advocates are at the heart of Living Proof, and we are so grateful to the advocates who generously contributed their stories to both editions. We remain honored to work with and meet so many individuals who are advocating for causes we hold dear: Becky Blanton, Kristin Brumm, Carey Christensen, Derek Cotton, Glenton Davis, Theresa Greenleaf, LeDerick HorneDrake Larsen, Kathy Kastan, Teresa OpheimGayathri Ramprasad, Ocean Robbins, Lawrence Stallworth II, Loren Vaillancourt, and Zach Wahls.

Since the initial publication of Living Proof, we’ve trained and advised many new advocates and organizations working on causes as diverse as sustainable agricultural practices, lung cancer, community bicycling programs, racial and gender equity, and safer teen driving. We’ve also talked with instructors, trainers, and change-makers who are applying Living Proof principles in their classrooms, in communications and marketing efforts, in community organizing, and in fundraising campaigns. This expanded edition of Living Proof allows us to share some of the insights we’ve gained in conversations with our readers and to include additional information appropriate to specific contexts. In the new edition, you’ll also find:

  • Refinements and expansions to certain topics such as “pointing to the positive” and “framing”
  • Additional suggestions on how to structure talks or presentations, with emphasis on special situations such as “talking to legislators”

Oh, and we’ve added a bit more white space to the design of the print edition since so many readers told us they liked to write in the margins. We’ll be following very shortly with ebook versions for Kindle, Nook, and iPad.

Watch this site for news of its publication in August, or sign up for our newsletter if you’d like a personal reminder when Living Proof hits the virtual and actual bookshelves!JohnTimsignaturesForBlog



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