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The President’s Youngest Advisor on HIV/AIDS Stays Focused

LawrenceSince speaking publicly in local high schools about his HIV-positive status only a few months after his diagnosis at age seventeen, Lawrence Stallworth II has addressed college students, doctors, and legislators, the United Nations and the United States Conference on AIDS. Now—at twenty-three—he’s the youngest member of the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS.

Here’s Proof!

Here are two entries we’ve received for “Where’s Your Living Proof?” Kristin and Stephanie’s favorite nonprofits are now in the running to receive an end-of-the-year gift. (Yours could be, too. Tell us how you’re using Living Proof to enter!)

“I’ve shared my story of living with domestic violence via blogging for many years, but I am now beginning to share my story in person with a variety of audiences. I’ve used Living Proof to help me determine the best way to tailor my story and message for each audience, whether I am talking with victims in a shelter, advocates at a conference or potential donors. Writing is a much more comfortable and natural medium for me than public speaking, so the book has proved valuable in helping me feel more confident in speaking publicly about my personal experiences and insights.” — Kristin

Living Proof has become one if the essential tools that I provide all of the self-advocates I train. Whether they are just learning to advocate for themselves or if they are tackling a bigger issue on behalf of others, building the foundation through telling our personal stories is essential. Even if you never use your story in public, you must know it to know where you fit and how you connect with the world around you.” –Stephanie

“People tell stories not just to work out their own changing identities, but also to guide others who will follow them. They seek not to provide a map that can guide others—each must create his own—but rather to witness the experience of reconstructing one’s own map….” – Arthur W. Frank