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It’s Always Something

482429_10152006000134621_569177238_nA little over five years ago, my family, friends and I were supporting my sister Gianna as she went through chemo for Stage IV ovarian cancer. In the midst of all that, I got a call from my friends at Brandspeak Communications, asking if I would contribute time to create a fundraising video for Gilda’s Club Twin Cities, a new cancer support organization here in Minneapolis/St. Paul. “This is a helluva coincidence,” I remember thinking, and I called Gianna in California to tell her about it.

Moving from Silence to Story

Joggen im Nebel“My story isn’t dramatic enough.”

“I don’t really have a story.”

“Mine isn’t the story people need to hear.”

“I’m not comfortable sharing my story.”

Advocate Stories: Laurie Landgraf for Cell-free Driving

OMG-postersmAll 30 men and women sitting in front of me have one thing in common: a distracted driver changed their lives. Some have lost a spouse, a parent or a child. Others have lost the ability to walk. In every case, the driver responsible was texting, using a cell phone or, in one instance, putting on nail polish.